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This is me

"Good morning!" This was the photo I sent to my kids on my way to work very early yesterday – before they got out of bed. I forgot to take SoMe-photos later at the event I led, so I thought about using this photo to illustrate “Hey world! I am out of the office sometimes!”

But I kept back – 24 hours to be precise – because I looked at the photo and saw that I look … 51. Yup. And that I therefore do not look … marketable? Not a good poster-woman for … me?

I am sharing these rather private thoughts because my job is being an executive coach and business psychotherapist. I know from everyday experience how crucial it is to professional and personal development that we learn to accept the status quo in order to move. To be kind to our past - not for the sake of being soft but on the contrary for the sake of moving. Of changing yourself and the world.

I was a bit harsh on myself today - even thought I actually do not regret my past or being 51. But being 51 in public is difficult. It feels vulnerable. And although Brene Brown says that’s a good thing it does not feel that way.

I know from experience that when I am struck by certain emotions others may have similar (not so kind) emotions. And appreciate when I verbalize stuff. So. Here I go posting the photo anyway – with delay – as kindness is key.

Drizzle a bit of kindness on yourself today, and onto others – and see how it can change your world one kind thought at a time.

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