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Spending lockdown in Denmark

In Copenhagen Post I talk about the 15 interviews with internationals I have conducted recently, talking about spending corona lockdown in Denmark. I have been impressed by the resilience of international employees - in spite of loneliness.

What I also heard was that Danes can make a big difference simply by taking an interest. We Danes have a cultural propensity towards a certain type of inwardness. At the same time, Danish companies do need to attract and retain internationals - and making them feel at home is a great place to start.

"What are your plans for the weekend?" is a scary question to pose to an international. Because as a Dane, you will have to think what to say if the response is "No plans!" Am I ready to invite? Often we ourselves have plans - and inviting a 'stranger' along for a dinner party is not the norm.

What if your company actually encouraged you to do just that? What if it wasn't weird to be very friendly? What if it was straight up encouraged by your boss, and by the culture of your company?

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