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Me Too in Denmark

My non-Danish clients struggle to navigate the current Me Too debate in Danish society. What is going on? One version of an answer is: Danes (or 90 percent of Danes) constitute one single tribe (minorities are not seen as weighty neither politically nor culturally). To change core parts of the dominant culture of a (mono cultural) tribe takes a major disruption (Sofie Linde). Now the painful renegotiation process is ongoing on a new culture. This has to be collective to be seen as legitimate. But what are the new beliefs? No one knows and even a party leader has fallen (for mishandling the case - not his deeds). It creates a certain sense of ... disruption, to use an overused if pertinent word. Which is very much also felt in the workplace. Who will show the way? Luckily, some of the dominant companies (Maersk among others) have been clear - contrary to political life. Stay tuned - choppy waters still ahead.

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