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Leading people with bandwidth-challenges

Leading internationals requires your awareness of the fact that a lot of their bandwidth has been taken up by the move:

- Physical (Moving, getting settled, figuring out stuff),

- Cultural (What are these Danes about? How is my family doing?),

- Business (How can I make a difference in this place?)

- Emotionally (Will I see my parents this year? Will my partner be happy here?).

Leading people with bandwidth-challenges requires flexibility - and ability to ask questions. "How are you?" is a great start. Next step is thinking what to say if the answer is "I am really not doing so well these days. Denmark is a tough place to move to." It is tempting (I know!) to think "Seems like they are always complaining about something or other, these internationals".

Would it be possible to just breathe, be quiet, and listen?

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