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Join a trade union ...

👉 Nudge of the week to my international friends: 🤓 Join a trade union! (irrespective of whether you are a manager or employee). Use it to better integrate into Denmark and your Danish workplace 👨‍🏭 And make Danish friends along the way! 😍

Yezzzzzzz I know. Surprising fact, right? At (larger) Danish workplaces trade unions are regularly consulted by employers. In Denmark trade unions are an integrated part of "the tripartite cooperation" - necessary both for employers and government as negotiation partner.

Your employer might even encourage you to join a union as unions are speaking on behalf of the employees and are go-betweens in situations of conflict - explaining the rules to the employees, irrespective of where on the career ladder they are, lessening the burden on the employer.

Nope, I am not being paid to promote Danish trade unions 😅 but I am looking for new ways for you to understand Denmark better, feel at home - and meet Danes.

See below a list of trade unions you may join 🙂


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