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I am sad-happy

I am so 😢 sad-happy 😍to see this article in today’s Politiken (large Danish daily). A newly-divorced man explains how - after having asked three different friends if he could join their New Year’s party and receiving three rejections - now reconciled himself to spending the night at home. I am sad as I know how Danish traditions (spending New Year’s with a set group of friends from high school or university) can hit the ones who are outside. And seen with an international perspective these people may seem comically cruel. And not very friendly at all. Who rejects an ask for an invitation????? 😟😟😟 (And I am trying to remember if I did something similar in the past. I am sad to realize I might have☹️). In my (Danish?) view it probably means that this group of friends is more averse to adjusting their culture than drawn towards being kind - and open to the new. Sad indeed - but (Danish) culture is made of cryptonite. I am happy-ish 😁 as it is an excellent example to all internationals of Danish culture and how difficult it can be - not only for internationals but for Danes as well. And happy-ish 👍🏼 because this article, and his brave openness about the effects of Danish culture on all of us, can be an important step in changing it. In the hope that you all will be met with lots of kindness in 2023: Happy New Year all! #internationals #kindness #onboarddenmark

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