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Elections in Denmark - on November 22, 2022

Denmark 🇩🇰 holds general elections ❌ today. Danes - journalists, politicians and the public - often use the expression "en festdag for demokratiet" - it is a day of “celebration of democracy." Having lived in Israel 🇮🇱 another country holding general elections today, and in the US 🇺🇲 with midterms coming up - not to mention wonderful years in China 🇨🇳 it strikes me that actually celebrating democracy is rare.

I believe many Danes genuinely see it as a day of celebration. Politicians are wishing each other good luck, and no disturbances are expected anywhere. Many of us will meet up tonight to watch as the results come in - across party lines. We will agree to disagree, laugh at each other and with each other, without seriously falling out. I believe many of us see it as a badge of honor to have friends of other political stripes - as it shows that we are open minded and liberal.

This way of conducting democracy is possible of course because of our rather calm history, our fortunate geography, the small size of the country, our homogeneous society, and maybe the foresight of previous generations to develop our democracy with time, and to include new groups in the democratic process - without pushing too many out in the process.

There is continued discussion in Denmark on the state of our democracy. Many are discontented (it is for example very difficult for internationals to get the right to vote) - and initiatives are considered to ensure its vibrancy also in the future.

At the same time I am humbled by what I witness here. And very thankful.

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