Diversity is too important to be left to chance

Why diversity advisory services?

Over the last 15 years, the number of international employees in Denmark has increased dramatically - from 30.000 to 100.000. This number will likely only go up in the foreseeable future, for example due to increased demand for highly skilled candidates in the sciences (tech, pharma), a demand the Danish labor force cannot meet. 

Many companies see the need to adjust their organisational culture to include the international employees, to make the most of their employment and retain them as long as possible - while keeping the Danish employees involved.

Unfortunately, research and experience has shown it to be a challenging task for most Danish companies. They find it difficult to uncover the challenges as well as deciding on next steps. 

As a consequence international employees sometimes feel only a loose connection to their Danish employer and do not manage to create professional and personal networks in Denmark. This is worrying as these networks are crucial in order to ensure commitment, a fulfilling contribution, as well as the well being and ultimately talent retention. In addition and sometimes overlooked is the adverse impact on Danish colleagues and managers.

To help Danish companies lead internationals – and increase intercultural awareness and training at all levels – we have developed a set of offerings. These offerings can be tailored to specifically support your company's efforts to integrate and retain international employees. Offerings include:

  • Diversity and leadership

    Objective: Give the management team and HR the necessary tools to spot and handle issues related to international diversity in the workplace.

    Key topics:

    • Why do we need to discuss international diversity?

    • How does diversity affect our employees (Danes and internationals)?

    • What are the opportunities and challenges?

    • How do we spot the impact on our organizational culture?

    • Changing the culture to encompass internationals.

    • What is required from our management team and HR department? 



    Target groups: Management team and HR

    Format:​ Presentation and workshops

  • Networking like a Dane

    Objective: Enable international employees to gain analytical understanding of the way Danes network and support them in creating both professional and personal networks in Denmark.

    Key topics:

    • Why are networks so important in Denmark? What is my own experience - from Denmark and before?

    • How do Danes network and what are the characteristics of Danish culture that impact how Danes interact with others?

    • What are my challenges to building a network in Denmark and how can I overcome them?

    • How do internationals make friends in Denmark?

    • What can be expected of my Danish colleagues and how do I engage with them in the best way possible?

    Target groups: International employees

    Format: Workshops, often in the shape of networking groups, meeting regularly. These networking groups train the participants in how to network in a Danish context.

  • The Danish workplace and me

    Objective: Enable international employees to make the most of their employment by obtaining an in-depth understanding of the Danish work culture and practices - and recognize their own cultural preferences along the way. 

    Key topics:

    • What are the fundamental components of the Danish work culture (and what is my own culture)?

    • Understanding the Danish flat hierarchy and low power distance (and how is my preference?).

    • How to give and get feedback in Denmark (and recognize your own habits).

    • How do you build a career path in a Danish environment.

    • What behaviors are rewarded in Denmark and what is frowned upon?

    • How to spot, understand, and deal with Danish humor in a work environment.

    Target groups: International employees and HR

    Format:​ Presentation and workshops, often in a coaching format with periodic meetings over a period of time to ensure implementation and followup.

  • Coaching and mentoring

    Objective: Individual or group coaching and mentoring to increase the ability of internationals to make the most of their talent at a Danish workplace. For leaders who manage international employees - or who are themselves international. Or for international talent.

    Key topics:

    • How to view international employees and diversity.

    • What are challenges to internationals in Denmark?

    • Networking in the workplace and stakeholder management.

    • Career progression and management.

    • Professional growth.

    • Spouses and children - how to support the family adjusting to Denmark.



    Target groups: Executives (International and/or Danes), International talent, HR

    Format: 1 on 1 coaching sessions, group coaching

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