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Coaching and business therapy

Signe is a leadership coach specializing in working with leadership in corporate settings, both large international cooperations and organisations as well as major law firms. Her background gives her the ability to understand clients with competitive environments, multiple agendas and high paced milieu. Signe's clients are mostly highly experienced leaders with an impressive track record and a sizable intellect. They may have experience working with coaches but have not necessarily spent much time reflecting on themselves and their leadership practice, as development has come through hard work.


Signe's clients find her approach to be honest, kind and tough. She is demanding and razor focused on delivering concrete results.


Clients have said: 

"I had to dismiss an employee. Afterwards, she thanked me. I never thought that would be possible - but my work with Signe made it so."

"I am a top performing partner at my law firm. I was asked by my employer to assess my work with Signe. My honest answer? I wouldn't be able to do what I do without our biweekly sessions."

Working with Signe Biering you are in a safe and confidential space, while you and your team will be challenged. Services are tailored to each individual and team. The focus and pace is based on your needs and always starts with a trial session to ensure that there is a positive match.

Working with Signe Biering you will:

  • Develop a toolbox with specific tools and techniques to handle both opportunities and challenges related to strategy, organization and people.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how your own history, personality, skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses interact with your professional life and ability to attain your goals.

  • Develop abilities to take a step back to refocus on the bigger picture, rather than immediate tasks.

  • Develop your ability to handle issues related to culture in an international work environment.

  • Focus on the long-term goals to find a deeper sense of purpose in both your professional and personal life.

Signe Biering supports leaders and teams to develop - with clarity and honesty. She supports the learning from both successes and failures as well as helps you gain the courage and conviction to continue your journey - maybe even further than you thought possible.

The leadership coaching has a clear forward looking view, whereas business therapy is able to make you reflect on how your personal history has led you to where you are today as a leader - and give you the tools to change your behaviour going forward.

Get in touch if you want to know what Signe Biering can offer you, and to see if expectations match the potential for developing your unique situation and skillset.

Work with Signe Biering can range from a few sessions to longer engagements, depending on the needs of you or your team.

Coaching can be done where it is convenient to you – or online. 

Below you will find the option of booking a free try-out session of coaching or business therapy, depending on your focus and need. 

Book your coaching session now!
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