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Charlotte Slente

Charlotte Slente, Secretary General, Danish Refugee Council

Signe easily engages in conversations about your core as a leader, including the values, feelings and thoughts that you bring to the job. She is very talented at understanding your inner strengths and weaknesses and engaged in helping you both see strengths and guide you to use them proactively in your leadership, as well as coach you on how to understand and deal with your weaknesses.


She is authentic, a true judge of character, curious, industrious, loyal to her clients and discreet - and as such an excellent leadership coach.


Ch'ien Chan, Head of Design, Vivino

I have had the absolute pleasure and honour of having Signe as my management coach over a 12 month period. The conversations were not only enjoyable but extremely insightful of identifying my strengths and opportunity areas. She has helped me apply my experience from fast growing startups in the US to adapt to a Danish/international organisation.


Her method is very solution oriented, reminding me of my skillsets, helping me with management, solutions for conflicts I have at work – and life in general. She has been integral with maintaining a level head during stressful situations and I am so grateful for every single session with Signe! Signe is worth every second of every cent!

Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro Former United States ambassador to Israel 

One of the most important skills for a diplomat, as for a coach, is an ability to listen. And Signe is one of the best listeners you will find. Conversations with her reflect her long experience as a top advisor to senior leaders in international settings.


She takes in everything important, applies her sharp analytical mind and deep sensitivity, and then offers wise, reasoned, practical guidance.

Anne Louise Grindsted

Anne Louise Grindsted, Deputy Ambassador, Royal Danish Embassy, Spain

Where Signe particularly stands out is in her way of asking the right, but difficult questions, and nudging you to finding the answers that are right just for you - and then help you achieve your goals by setting concrete targets to achieve them. Signe truly knows what it takes to succeed in international organisations.


I worked with Signe as my coach during a time where I had to make decisions about my future. During our sessions Signe encouraged me to take steps in my career that I had not seen for myself and she helped me fulfil goals, that had been difficult for me to go for on my own. But with her on my side things suddenly did not seem quite as daunting - she helped me see more potential and to reach higher.


Not only is Signe not judgmental and very caring as a person, she also has a wonderful sense of humor that makes it easier to deal with difficult questions. 

Sven Dethlefs photo.jpg

Dr. Sven Dethlefs, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing & Portfolio, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Signe Biering Nielsen is a thoughtful listener, reflective advisor, and capable of putting things into perspective based on analytical reasoning. She is open minded and at the same time not shy of expressing what she considers right or wrong. It is this candor that stimulates a discussion leading to personal growth. 

Anne Louise Grindsted

David Michael Schjerlund, Head of Trade, Royal Danish Embassy, Paris

Working with Signe has given me clarity, increased my focus and improved my performance. Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege of having coaching sessions with Signe over Skype. Being in an executive position abroad means, I have a particular background, skillset and framework conditions, which Signe - due to her background - is perfectly positioned to understand and develop.


Signe has a coaching toolbox as well as well-developed empathy. Using this skillset, she managed to make every talk both revelatory and actionable.

Signe has a sharp eye for false narratives and mental roadblocks and she does not shy away from addressing them. Through the sessions, she has made me see false beliefs and dreams more than once. Watching them die (as she once put it) is necessary and liberating if not always pleasant. 

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